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Have your property prepared and ready for sale for your prospective new buyer.


This is an independent report where you, the property owner prepares the property ready for sale.

As the property owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that all inspections have been carried out for compliance and non compliance work, and that all buildings are all compliant with the council files. These inspections need to be addressed before the property goes on the market as it can and will affect the sale of the property.

This will also be beneficial when selling by Auction. It allows you to maximise your return by addressing any issues arising from the Inspection Report and giving you confidence your property is ready for sale with all the Compliance, Certification and Building Approvals in place.

Our professional pre-sale Building Inspection Report will detail any recommended building repairs and maintenance to be carried out in preparing the property for sale. The report will highlight and address any issues, enabling the owner to maximise their return, while giving the buyer peace of mind, knowing all building and land details have been checked and validated.

A building Inspection undertaken by MBA is a thorough and comprehensive inspection. Unlike regular generic building inspection reports, MBA will provide a detailed, easy to read and understand report, tailored to the property in question. Potential buyers are able to easily download a copy of the report relating to your property at no cost, and can be assured they are buying a house that is compliant.

Potential buyers only want to know that the property complies with all building and Council regulations, and there are no hidden unknowns. Give buyers the reassurance they are looking for by providing them with an MBA Pre-sale Building Inspection and compliance report.

All Building Inspections will only be carried out by a qualified Building Inspector in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and Regulations.

Other inspections that should be carried out in a Pre – Sale Auction compliance and certification report are:

  • Building Compliance
  • Building Certification
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Plumbing (Drainage and storm water)
  • Gas Compliance
  • Electrical Compliance
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In Compliance With
  • The Building Code of Australia
  • State, Federal and Local Government Building Standards
  • National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry
  • Australian Standards AS 4349.0, AS 4349.1, AS 4349.3
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