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MBA offers you a specialised building inspections and report service for Residential homes, land and commercial buildings.

A Building inspection is an inspection of either a residential and commercial building to ensure it is structurally sound and if there are any faults or defects. We will conduct an inspection of the structural integrity of the building, highlighting any major defects.

This is not a building certification inspection.


    This inspection is to ensure that the buildings on your property are building compliant and is compliant with the council regulations, certifications and permits. This inspection should be carried out before the property goes on the market as the council now has the technology to investigate non compliance works on your property and the council can issue you with a Show Clause Notice.

    This will avoid any issues that may arise out of a building inspection. You will need to compare council documents against the current property conditions, noting any alterations or additions and non compliant building works that are not on the council file.


    An inspection of the building to ascertain whether there is asbestos present in the building before carrying out renovations.


    It has now come to our attention that there are more products of Asbestos insulation installed in houses built prior to 1990, that could contain asbestos fibre, which also include Mr Fluffy fibre insulation.


    As an Independent Building Inspector I can help the owner builder to comply with their insurance requirements when selling their property.


    Project management which includes a series of independent inspections on each stage of construction to ensure new buildings and renovations are compliant and carried out to the highest standard.

    This is private inspection to monitor building variations and to oversee:- Building contract and specifications, Quality of workmanship and Non-compliance work.


    A pre-inspection of a property prior to tenants taking possession, and a post-inspection after the tenants have vacated the premises, for both commercial and residential properties (a condition report).


    To determine if the building complies with Australian Standards and the Building Code, and if required to be upgraded.

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In Compliance With
  • The Building Code of Australia
  • State, Federal and Local Government Building Standards
  • National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry
  • Australian Standards AS 4349.0, AS 4349.1, AS 4349.3
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