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Ensure that the property is building compliant and has been checked and validated against the council files before you purchase or sell your property.

Do you know if the property that you are purchasing/selling is building compliant and has been certified? There is a strong likelihood Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) work has been carried out on properties at some stage which is not building compliant. Ensure your property is Building Compliant and eliminate any hidden unknowns before you put your property on the market for sale or purchasing.

We are now aware that the council has the technology to investigate illegal building works and are carrying out inspections and are now issuing SHOW CLAUSE NOTICES for illegal building works.

Ensure that all buildings and structures pertaining to the property have been checked and validated for compliance, permits and certification with Local Government documents and plans at the council, including Australian Standards and Building Code. To avoid hold up in contracts and settlements this should be investigated before the property is put on the market or you need to investigate it before you purchase a property.

The potential buyers are now requesting that the property that they are purchasing is Building Compliant and Certified, as this has become mandatory now for new buyers.

Some of the issues that can be non compliant are:






    If there has been any alterations, additions or building works on the property, and your not sure if these structures have been certified and comply with Council Regulations MBA can arrange Certification and Compliance.

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In Compliance With
  • The Building Code of Australia
  • State, Federal and Local Government Building Standards
  • National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry
  • Australian Standards AS 4349.0, AS 4349.1, AS 4349.3
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